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2021-11-13 02:00:33 By : Mr. JOHN LIU

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According to reports, an independent life cycle assessment (LCA) commissioned by Mondi compares its Advantage StretchWrap paper with traditional plastic stretch film, indicating that the company’s paper pallet packaging has less impact on the climate, but the two materials are environmentally friendly. In terms of impact, they are in a leading position.

Mondi stated that it believes that LCA is a useful tool to analyze the advantages of different material solutions and guide decision-making. The evaluation of the company's Advantage StretchWrap paper was conducted by ESU-services Ltd., an ISO-compliant external consulting company, and included a strict external review of members from IFEU, Circular Analytics and BOKU.

The comparison between Advantage StretchWrap and the reference flow rate of 840 grams per Euro pallet and plastic stretch film (400 grams per Euro pallet) assumes that both materials are recycled at the end of the life cycle, while obviously covering other related The life cycle stage includes the extraction, production and application of raw materials on pallets. According to the company, these materials were compared using 16 indicators to understand any potential trade-offs.

According to Mondi, LCA found that Advantage StretchWrap’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are reduced by 62% compared with the original plastic stretch film. Compared with the plastic stretch film made of 50% recycled content, its greenhouse gas emissions The volume has been reduced by 49%.

According to LCA, Advantage StretchWrap performs better in nine categories overall: climate change, fossil resource use, ionizing radiation, particulate matter, human toxicity (cancer), human toxicity (non-cancer), freshwater ecotoxicity, acidification and minerals and metals resource utilization.

Plastic stretch films do perform better in other indicators, including land use, freshwater ocean and terrestrial eutrophication, ozone depletion, and photochemical ozone formation. However, Mondi claims that it is possible to reduce the impact of Advantage Stretch Wrap in most categories where the impact of plastic stretch films is currently low.

In addition, LCA is said to have found that recycling is the best option for plastic stretch film and paper pallet packaging, and has a lower impact on carbon emissions than incineration or landfill.

LCA concluded that Mondi’s Advantage StretchWrap can be recommended to mitigate the impact of climate change, but actions need to be taken to actively reduce its impact on other categories—especially land use and timber resource availability—to demonstrate overall environmental advantages .  

As a result, LCA found that “there is no overall advantage or disadvantage for one or the other option”. It added that measures to reduce the environmental impact of paper and stretch film should be concentrated in the production stage and the material quality of each Euro pallet should be reduced as much as possible.

Karoline Angerer, Product Sustainability Manager of Kraft Paper & Paper Bags at Mondi, commented: "At Mondi, we use these results as part of the decision-making process in accordance with the MA​​​P2030 sustainability commitment.

"Our customers value our attention to detail and how we use EcoSolutions methods to collaborate in the development and design of sustainable solutions."

Some of the EcoSolutions recently released by Mondi include paper bags developed for the South African retail market, with special consideration of weather conditions, and single-material packaging developed for the Finnish dog food brand Hau-Hau Champion.

Join us on November 9th at 15:00 Central European Time to hear more about the results of this LCA from the Mondi team. The conference will be broadcast live on our Sustainable Packaging Summit digital platform-click here to register for free.

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