Packaging experts solve pallet safety issues and the imminent "plastic tax"-Business Live

2021-11-13 02:00:42 By : Ms. Emma Lee

The new series includes 30% recycled content-reaching the threshold of the April legislation

Packaging technicians from industry-leading companies have launched a new series designed to increase recycled content and avoid further costs.

From April next year, a tax will be levied on the use of raw plastic at 200 pounds per ton.

Lindum Packaging of Stallingborough, in northeastern Lincolnshire, has introduced pallet packaging containing 30% recyclable ingredients to the market before the "plastics tax" legislation took effect.

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The company has fallen behind the optimization technology of the logistics industry.

Rick Sellars, the company's business development manager and internal packaging technology expert, said: "Plastic taxes are getting closer and closer. These new products will help our customers eliminate or limit their packaging business tax liabilities.

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"Unlike 100% virgin polymer film, the new series contains recycled and pelletized polyethylene resin materials. They meet the strict definition of "recycled" packaging recycling labels and are compatible with circular economy models.

"We expect that the demand for recycled content packaging will surge, so we recommend that customers take necessary measures to switch to recycled content or minimize the use of pallet packaging to reduce their responsibilities.

"This new series is not suitable for all of our customers. We are working hard throughout the supply chain to find ways for companies to reduce the number of original packaging. We recently launched a specially designed mobile pallet stability test laboratory. By analyzing each customer Using plastic stretch packaging, laboratories can significantly reduce excessive packaging, improve performance, and reduce the liability for new taxes."

The new series combines nanotechnology to produce more environmentally friendly products with the additional advantages of nano stretch films. It includes stretch film options for manual pallet packaging, packaging tape for machine and manual carton sealing, and pallet covers.

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