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Full Automatic Film stretch wrapperSuitable for wrap all kinds of column type erect productsMaterial: LLDPE film Main features1)        Slow start and stop device: When the turntable rotates, if the speed is too fast, the top of the packaging will drop easily. Use the slow start, the

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Full Automatic Film stretch wrapper
Suitable for wrap all kinds of column type erect products
Material: LLDPE film
Main features
1)        Slow start and stop device: When the turntable rotates, if the speed is too fast, the top of the packaging will drop easily. Use the slow start, the speed can do variable speed adjustment.
2)        Partial reinforcement packaging equipment: In case of a part of the packaging must be strengthened wrapping, the unit has enhancing binding design.
3)        Turntable positioning functions: automatically turntable rotation, to ensure that the tray selection accuracy.
4)        Self-protection switch devices: If they are in a high degree of control switch failure, the membrane seat to the highest point can not stop, when the machine is equipped with self-protection switch unit, otherwise it will cause serious mechanical damage.
5)        Photoelectric switch detection devices: the most advanced electric eye switch, automatic object detection wrapping height.
6)        Frequency control function: According to the packing density of the object required wound, plate and film can do variable speed adjustment
7)        Film tension control: control by mechanical stretch film tension brake.
Technical parameters
Power source220V/50Hz/1.5KW
Turntable diameterφ1500mm (customizable)
Wheel load2000kg or less

1)        Column Height: 2400mm (effective wrapping material 2000 mm or less) 
Rotary speed (r / min) :0-9 (adjustable)
2)        Winding film material specifications: LLDPE film, width 500mm, thickness 17-25um 
Electric Configuration: "MEIWA" text control, "Schneider" inverter, "OMRON" relay, the French "TE" contactor, switch, Taiwan's "city" motor, the text control panel.
3)        With programmable control, reliable performance, convenient operation, designed according to need and the number of winding way
4)        Mechanical drawing film devices, the tensile rate of not less than 1.5 times (to improve material utilization)
5)        With control of the travel limit switches, automatic determination of a high degree of goods
6)        Turntable automatic reset, to ensure accurate positioning tray out 
Film tensile components: frequency adjustment can automatically adjust the tightness films (pre-stretching device)
7)    Film roll replacement, easy to use diameter ≤ 280 mm, width ≤ 500 mm paper core 76 mm of LLDPE film
8)    Can be tailored to customer requirements, can increase production efficiency, to protect the goods from damage during handling and to prevent dust, moisture and cleaning function
9)    Service: one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance. 

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