LLDPE stretch film recycling granulator pallet packaging

LLDPE Stretch film recycling pelletizing granulating machine for pallet wrappingProduct introduction:This LDPE LLDPE HDPE BOPP film is designed and manufacture by our company,it combine the latest new Euro recycling tech which is with function of cutting/compactor the plastic film in first step,the specially designed structure s

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LLDPE Stretch film recycling pelletizing granulating machine for pallet wrapping

LLDPE Stretch Film Recycling Pelletizing Granulating Machine for Pallet Wrapping

Product introduction:
This LDPE LLDPE HDPE BOPP film is designed and manufacture by our company,it combine the latest new Euro recycling tech which is with function of cutting/compactor the plastic film in first step,the specially designed structure screw ensure the best extrusion and vacuum degassing performance.

PP yarn/PP woven bag/PP jumbo bag/PP silk/PP fiber

Model Diameter ScrewL/DPowerCapacity PECapacity PP
500kg/h RCSJ130-150 LDPE LLDPE HDPE film granulating line:
No Name Power
1Belt conveyor with metal detector2.2kw
3Main extruder machine132kw
4Co extruder machine55kw
5Water ring cutter/Die face Cutter2.2kw
6Water cooling flume3kw
7Dehydrator dryer5.5kw
8Vibrating screen machine0.25kw*2
9Air blowing machine3kw
10Storage hopper 

The RCSJ 130/150 Plastic film granulating machine is consist of following:
Plastic Film Feeding:
  1. The film feeder is to convey the plastic into compactor,it is usually to equipped with a metal detector device to find metals and protect the next machine. Operators feeding the material continuous until the belt stop and the compactor full of plastic. The current in compactor will decide feeding or stop.
Meanwhile,the belt also usually equipped with a emergency stop switch.
  1. Another feeding way is to put the roll plastic film into compactor by roller feeding device.

  1. Our Compactor is with function of plastic cutting /plastic drying/plastic agglomeration. Here is the first position to improve the quality of granules. Sometimes if the plastic film with wet more than 8%,it is not possible to make a best granulating,so here we add the air drying system to pre-dry the plastic film. Fast moving create force and heat to dry the plastic,the hot air will go up and collect by our air collection system, finally they turn hot air into water.
  2. Adopt Euro Tech,Retech improving our compactor structure by reverse the direction of blades plate. It is a opposite direction of screw moving,so it will expand the feeding force and help the screw eaten the film.


The single screw divided into different sections like feeding part/extrusion part/mixing part/discharge part. Each section has it's own function for plastics extrusion.
Vacuum degassing is in the middle of whole screw,that is core position of the screw.A better degassing will absorbing the impurities and improve the quality of plastics. Retech's new vacuum degassing is with modern structure and powerful performance.
While the machine working,it will has high pressure at the end of scree and before the filter,we need set a pressure reminder to inform operator to change the nets inside timely. Retech machine equipped with pressure sensor to feel the pressure record,once it is overload,the sensor can get and alarm immediately. It is a good way to protect the machine and improve the quality of granules.
There are multiple options on plastic filtration system:
Single plate two working stations filter
Double plate two working station filter
Double plate four working stations filter  
Double piston continuous screen filter
Non-stop wireless filter
You can choose what is your demand,or you can tell your requirement to our team to get a recommend.

Granules cutting/die face cutter:
The new technology horizontal cutting system including the mould plate with holes,the water spray channel,the cutter system.
The mould design is as per the production capacity of machine and the material flow ability.The diameter of mould and number of holes is changeable.
On die face cutter position,we adopt the new technology from Europe, it is horizontal type water ring cutting way,it can cut both PE PP plastics. Water spray in correct position ensure the fast cooling of granules in first time.
By the frequency controlling,die face cutter can be completely fit the mould plate.The end air-operated device will ensure to provide the same pressure while the blades touch the mould plate,it means you will get uniform granules no matter the plastic is more or less.

Water cooling:
After the granulation,the hot pellets will fall down to water cooling tank immediately. The proper water temperature will cooling the granules in best condition. Usually the best temperature is between 5-30 degree. To keep this range,you need a water cooling chiller or a water cooling tower to cool down the water.
You can choose the proper water cooling chiller in different models according to your granulating machine. It is 20HP,30HP,50HP,60HP,100HP...etc.

Plastic Granules Drying 
After cooling by water, we need dry the pellets in short time,here we have 2 working steps to make sure the final granules is 100% dry and strong.
The first one is vertical plastic dehydrator,it is working with high speed rotation theory in 1200rpm,by fast moving blades inside,it creates force to dry the pellets.
The second option is vibrating screen dryer, it is working not only to dry the plastics,but also to select the best loop granules. It can dry and weed out the bigger block and small powders. Only the needed size granules/pellets will be selected.

As we know,electric is the heart of the whole production line.In order to make the stable running machine, Retech team always choose to cooperate with world famous brand electrics such as Siemens,Schneider,ABB,RKC,etc.

We supply:
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Plastic PP PE film washing machine production line
Plastic PET bottle washing line
Plastic HDPE PP rigid plastic bottle tubes washing recycling line

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LLDPE Stretch Film Recycling Pelletizing Granulating Machine for Pallet Wrapping

TC Series Plastic PE PP Film Granulating Line
ModelDiameter of screwPE capacityPP capacity


Customer requirements Scheme designed confirmed by customers order fixed manufacturing trial running in our factory confirmed by customers shipped engineer available overseas whole life after sales services

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LLDPE Stretch Film Recycling Pelletizing Granulating Machine for Pallet Wrapping


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