Mike's midweek chat: How is the Bears rematch different?

2021-12-13 17:16:02 By : Ms. isabel Liu

Hello everyone. Thank you for logging in today. Hope everyone enjoys this goodbye weekend. Go ahead and start sending questions, we can start working.

Hey Mike, the signing of Rasul Douglas caused a problem. So far this season, have any other teams signed PS players for the Packers?

I don't believe this is what happened this year. It happened in the past. Part of the new rules for expanding practice classes is to protect players from being signed each week. Each team can protect up to 4 of the 16 players per week.

Mike, the coach is under pressure before or after practice today. Will we know our three possible returnees?

LaFleur spoke before the practice, so we will see if he said anything. Otherwise, it will depend on what we see when we stop at the beginning of the exercise that allows viewing.

We were told that Josh Myers might recover from knee injury/surgery. What is the nature of a knee injury? Cartilage, tendons, bones, muscles, meniscus, what hurt?

I have not seen any specific reports anywhere, and the Packers will not share this type of information.

Is there any update for David Bakhtiari?

Rogers said on the McAfee show yesterday that he thinks Bakhtiari will not participate in the game this week, but I only heard this.

Why is J. Jefferson always on?

You can ask the same question about Davant Adams. They are really good, they can open up on their own, and their offensive line combination sometimes allows them to open up.

Thanks for chatting Mike. After goodbye, do you foresee any profound changes, such as new gameplay in the red zone or involving some rarely used players (Amari Rogers). Changes in the special forces?

I don't expect any wholesale changes. I am looking forward to a new attack plan in the red zone, but I don't know if we will notice because it may just involve the use of different running concepts or route combinations in this area.

Any suggestions for new things that will be used this week? Reminiscent of Matthews moving inside.

I do not think so. Despite a series of injuries, this team has a 9-3 record. When Matthews entered the post after seeing each other in 2014, the Packers gave up 44 points in New Orleans and dominated the game. There is no need to fix any obvious problems now.

The Packers have not been plagued by injuries like this year in a while... but guys, Lucas Patrick filled their money when needed. What is he best at?

He fights and scraps, and he is very reliable in allocating and protecting calls. Patrick is not afraid to mix with anyone, people respect and like this. He won every award in this league.

Maybe this will be a good week for Kurt Benkert, although we would rather see Jordan Love take pictures, eh?

We will see if Aaron Rogers can practice. If he can't, the Packers obviously want Love to get development time, but if the first team is handed over to Benkert, this is also a good opportunity for him.

When Jaire Alexander returns, will it be Jaire and rasul or jaire and Eric Stokes?

I'm not sure how much impact this will have. The Packers have quite a few three corners on the field, more than half of their fast breaks. If it’s two corner kicks, I guess it’s Alexander and Stokes, but we don’t know whether Alexander will come back, how long he will be able to play a full game, or whether his initial workload will be reduced.

Are you surprised that the Ravens competed in overtime with 2 points instead of their excellent shooting percentage?

I was always surprised by such a bold penalty, but after the game it sounded as if Hubble felt that his defense was exhausted in the corner. He didn't like the unit's chance to play against Big Ben in overtime. Given all this information, this call makes sense.

On the question of shooting goals. Who asks for a snapshot? Can they try to use Aaron Rodgers type hard counts, or are there too many moving parts, so to speak, to work in time?

I think this is usually a silent count. The holder sends a signal, and there is a timing mechanism to allow the snapshot to arrive. Earlier this year, the opponent was timing Corey Bojorquez opening his hand and jumping in an instant. Since then, the Packers have changed their schedule and largely avoided these protection issues.

So to speak, do you think that a week off will give Mason Crosby a chance to start again? He needs a rest mentally, just like some players need goodbye physically.

Any update on Randall Cobb's injury?

Nothing said we will see if he is practicing today.

I don’t think most of us will notice any changes made after goodbye. The only thing we will notice is whether something works.

Hey Mike, this question may have been answered, if it is, if it is, please ignore but last week against the Rams, they played two goals and moved the ball from No. 2 to No. 7 Be punished for delay. , Can they decide to kick extra points? Will the ball be moved back to where they normally play plus an additional 5 yards?

Yes. After the free throw, if the Packers decide to kick PAT, the LOS will be 20 yards and the kick distance will be 38 yards instead of 33 yards.

Will De'Vondre Campbell play on Sunday?

He was eligible to leave the COVID list on Friday, and LaFleur on Monday expressed optimism about his chances of being cleared at the time. He said Campbell will participate in all defensive meetings through Zoom this week.

Mike, just want to thank you for the extra WYMM about Donald.

Yes, what came to my mind. I focused on the defensive line in the original WYMM Rams game, but when I watched the offensive film, some of the content of the game with Donald was very interesting, especially on a TD drive.

In addition to execution, what changes do you think can be made to improve all stages of the GB Special Team?

As far as coverage is concerned, they do a good job in most cases. Obviously, we know that the FG department has been struggling. How do they get something from the comeback game? I don't think they will come up with any magical schematics. Mo Drayton (Mo Drayton) is constantly emphasizing technology and tasks, and he counts on his players to improve and provide motivation. However, with the exception of Detroit week 18, the weather will be an important factor in capturing punts from here.

Cobb is injured. Will St. Brown really break out in the passing game this week? I know they like his blocking in the running competition.

St. Brown has proven that he will be ready when he is called, so if Cobb does not come back and St. Brown’s role increases, the coaches know he will be mentally prepared for any way they want to use him.

Considering their history, any thoughts on the Badgers' game against Arizona State in the Vegas Bowl?

Rewatching the video of the end of the Western Conference 9 years ago is a bad memory trip. What a failure.

So I guess the Lions will not lie down and let us rub their stomachs after their performance against MN? :)

Dan Campbell makes those guys play hard every week. Of course, they have already taken some measures on the chin, but most of their games this year were decided in the fourth quarter. It makes sense for the team to learn how to win, and this applies to everyone-players, coaches, etc.

There is a lot of discussion about centers facing defenses in crowds. I wonder if this played a role when the Packers defended with 12 men.

I doubt it. I think this is mainly Rogers.

Thoughts on Bears D sans Mack?

This is a huge missing part. Akiem Hicks is always a monster in midfield and he was not healthy when he first met. He participated in the game, but you can see his groin injured again. When he is healthy, he is a tough client. But without Mike, this kind of defense would be different.

About no time to go 2. A few years ago, I hoped McCarthy could do the same in his loss to Arizona in the playoffs. They were eliminated throughout the fourth quarter, so I don't like their chances in overtime. Would you agree?

Many people have talked about this. Janis injured his back in the manner described by Hail Mary and McCarthy. According to the available personnel, he had no confidence in the 2 o'clock call at the time, so he kicked it. To me, this is completely understandable.

Now that Rogers has tested positive for Covid, how long will he be on the Covid-19 list again? Will it continue after SB?

I believe that his test waiver will end in early February, between the NFC Championship and the Super Bowl.

Packers still need to declare that Za'Darius Smith and Jaire are eligible to practice after returning from IR, right? Do we have a complete list now?

Yes, they do. I think there are currently 52 people on the list. However, players returning from IR have a roster exemption period and they can practice before they are officially activated to 53.

Dalton offers something to the Bears, and Fields does not, and vice versa.

Dalton provides experience. Fields is threatened by running. But I don't think their offensive plan has changed much in any QB.

What's the weather forecast for Sunday night? There are still 3 home games, I certainly hope to have some cold time

On Sundays, they are in their 30s during the day and as low as their 10s. So most of the Sunday night games are in their 20s.

Mike, how is the injury situation of the Bears?

Everyone is concerned about QB, whether Fields will come back. Otherwise, I will check their injury report when I get the first report later today, because I really don't know.

The Cardinals are in a tough situation. Tampa has only one tough opponent left. Do you think we have a chance to see you in the first round?

If Tampa does not lose to Buffalo next week, I think the Buccaneers will end 14-3. I do think the Cardinals will lose at least one more game. But frankly, I don’t think the packers can afford more losses.

I am very happy to participate in the game against the Browns on Christmas Day. Is it possible to bend?

No, that is set in stone. The NFL has two games on Christmas, Packers-Browns in the late afternoon and Colts-Cardinals in the evening. Those have not changed.

Are you as surprised and happy as I am about the potential deal between Hunter Renfroe JBJ and Brewers and Red Sox? Of course I hope Mets will not steal Stearns from us soon.

Getting rid of the JBJ contract is a coup for the brewers, and replacing Garcia with Renfroe is a great power in RF. Stearns' huge move, yes, I hope he can hold on for a long time.

Some recent penalties have made it difficult to watch the game. The roughness and pass interference to the passers, especially the blind side block calls to the Saints, are very frustrating. your opinion...

This is frustrating because different workers apply different standards to calls, and it should not look too different. This is why I have been emphasizing that security calls such as RTP, blind side blocking, and head/neck contact are auditable for many years, so these major penalties have consistent application standards. Maybe it won't work. A few years ago, they tried to make PI reviewable, but it was a disaster. But for my money, the rules have become so complicated and incomprehensible that they require human officials to monitor too much at once. This is my bottom line.

I want to know if you have any special memories of Lawrence Gay when he was in the Packers. He seems to have shaped himself a very decent NFL career.

He has. Ted Thompson's forgotten seventh-round pick more than a decade ago. I remember him here, but there is nothing else. He didn't play too many games during his short stay here, but it shows that not everyone's career is defined by the first or second year.

Did you reveal how 12 actually hurt his toe?

He didn't say anything else, he just injured it when he returned from work on the COVID list.

I'm curious if you think that without Robert Tonian threatening to pass the ball in midfield, our receivers will be covered more closely? I am not immersed in the statistics and analysis of all 22 people. It is just a feeling, but it seems that there is less room for passing the game.

I do not think so. The tight end in the middle may be a big weapon, but the slot receiver can also replace them. The Packers have many plans and good players to work with. The loss of Tonian is of course a blow, especially for all the TDs he caught in the red zone last year, but I won't say that because of his absence, the offense has been greatly affected.

Do you know why Aaron Jones didn't show off this year?

In general, running games are not as synchronized and reliable as in the past few years. Part of the reason is the loss of good players on the offensive line and all the shuffles. It is difficult to find continuity. When the running game is reliable, eventually one of the runs will be greatly reduced. But when everything is hit or missed, your chances of breaking a big one are reduced.

Like this year's rookie overall. The biggest problem for me is Amari Rogers. Unable to find a role on the offensive end, I was very disappointed with ST. Why struggle, do you think he can become an asset this year or next?

I have high hopes for Rogers, and I believe he also has a lot of hope. The Packers will have high hopes because they believe in his talent and he still has time to exert greater influence this season. Development is constant, although it is not necessarily straight in this alliance.

The video team did a great job in the "My Career, My Cleat" series. Please thank them!

Yes, this is some cool stuff. I am amazed by the work of our video department, because if I sit in front of the editing machine and try to figure out how to do this, I know nothing.

Maybe there is no answer: I forgot the game last weekend, but when DB was making a perfect form tackle in the middle of the receiver when he turned his head on the court, WR saw that contact was coming and lowered his head to take away. After the tackle area, they made helmet-to-helmet contact, and DB was marked as a personal foul. What should men do?

Exactly. This is why these calls need to be reviewed so that completely unexpected things can be treated differently, rather than things that are obviously avoidable.

Who is your favorite guest of the Manning Brothers? In Monday’s game, I was inspired by David Letterman’s comments

I actually like it best when they have no guests. No intention to offend any guests, many of them are good, but I would rather just listen to Payton and Eli talking about the game, what they saw, and the brotherly ribbing between them. I think this is very interesting.

Thank you Aaron Jones for winning the NFL Walter Payton Player of the Year nomination.

Absolutely. The players are very proud of this award/nomination, which is what they should be. I really hope that Jones can make progress in this process and possibly reach the finals this year.

Okay, guys, I have to sign and go downstairs to the LaFleur press conference. Thank you for all your questions today. Talk about it next week. The best, Mike

Veteran writer Mike Spofford answers fan questions in the weekly live chat

Veteran writer Mike Spofford answers fan questions in the weekly live chat

Veteran writer Mike Spofford answers fan questions in the weekly live chat

Veteran writer Mike Spofford answers fan questions in the weekly live chat

Veteran writer Mike Spofford (Mike Spofford) answered questions from former Packers Cardinals fans in the weekly live chat.

Veteran writer Mike Spofford answers fan questions in the weekly live chat

Veteran writer Mike Spofford answers fan questions in the weekly live chat

Veteran writer Mike Spofford answers fan questions in the weekly live chat

Veteran writer Mike Spofford answers fan questions in the weekly live chat

Veteran writer Mike Spofford answers fan questions in the weekly live chat

Veteran writer Mike Spofford (Mike Spofford) answers fans' questions in the weekly live chat.