What happened to the actor who cursed the queen?

2021-11-16 19:37:40 By : Ms. Sandy Wang

Judging from any imagination, it is not one of the most successful films in the 00s, but "The Curse of the Queen" has been affected by general negative reviews since it was released in 2002. It has gradually established a fan base and has become a favorite among nostalgic movies. Genre lovers. Based on the second and third books in the classic Anne Rice series "The Vampire Chronicles" (and the sequel to the 1994 "Vampire Interview", adapted from Rice's first "Vampire Chronicles" novel led by Tom Cruise) , The movie Stuart Townsend plays the vampire Lestat de Lioncourt, who wakes up from a deep sleep and decides to take over a rock band. The music he composed awakened Akasha, the first vampire played by the late R&B singer Aaliyah. Although paranormal researcher Jesse Reeves (Margaret Morrow) is also in love with this contemplative vampire, she is fascinated by Leicester and manages to fascinate him, she will not abandon him without a fight .

The plot sounds crazy on paper and crazy when played on the big screen (especially the visual effects in the early 00s), but this is part of what makes "Damn Queen" an unlikely cult classic. Although the woman who played the nominal queen is no longer with us, most of the main actors are still working in Hollywood-although some are more successful than others. If you are curious about what they have been doing all these years (and what they look like today), we have prepared it for you.

Marguerite Moreau (Marguerite Moreau) played Connie in Disney's popular ice hockey movie "The Mighty Ducks" in 1992. She made her debut on the big screen. She will continue in two sequels "D2: The Mighty Ducks" (1994) and "D3: The Mighty Duck" (1996). "D4" has never been realized, but at this time Moreau is ready to start playing the role of some adults.

After playing Katie in the cult teen comedy "Wet Hot American Summer", she managed to get the role of Jesse Reeves in "Queen of the Damned", a member of a paranormal research team who discovered Lestat (almost no secret) The secret. "I put all these photos on matte photo paper and sent it to the director. The director took it to Warner Bros., and it was like,'This chick is it,'" she told Condor. The rest is history, but where has Moreau been since then?

Over the next few years, the Californian repeatedly appeared in songs such as "The OC", "Parenthood", "Shameless" and "Grey's Anatomy". She appeared in "Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp". "China is returning as Katie (2015) and "The Hot and Damp American Summer: Ten Years Later" (2017). Recently, she re-interpreted her another classic role, playing Connie in the first season of the Disney series "The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers". She made fun of her role more in season 2. "I don't even know if Connie can bear not being on ice," Moreau told Us Weekly. "She has a part that is really overwhelming."

Vincent Perez plays Marius de Romanus in "The Damned Queen", a 2000-year-old illegitimate son of a Roman nobleman and Celtic slave illegitimate child. The Swiss actor started in the French film industry in the 1980s and appeared in a series of popular European films over the next ten years, including Jean-Paul Rappeneau's "Cyrano Cyrano de Bergerac", the film received 100% perfect ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. In 1996, he played the leading role in the second part of the superhero series "The Crow: City of Angels" that began with Brandon Lee's "The Crow" two years ago. The sequel was criticized in the comments, and Perez will get used to this practice in the next few years.

He continued to play against Kim Basinger in the box office bomb "I Dream of Africa", and then appeared in the period drama "The Bride of Wind" (Rotten Tomatoes scored 10% and 11% respectively). Starred in "The Cursed Queen." Since then, even as a director, Perez's performance among critics has not improved much. His 2016 passion project "Alone in Berlin" has received mixed reviews. Perez is still acting now (at the time of writing, he is filming Apple's Charlie Hunnam-led series "Shantaram"), and he has caused some waves as a photographer. "I did a very important exhibition in Paris," he told Hey U Guys. "[At] European Photo House, this is very important."

Swedish actor Lena Olin had a long and successful career in the industry before starring in Maharet, one of the ancient vampires in "The Cursed Queen." In the early 1980s, she collaborated with the famous filmmaker Ingmar Bergman, but until the end of the 20th century, she worked in Philip Kaufman's "The Unbearable Lightness of Life" ( She was only known internationally when she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award in The Unbearable Lightness of Being. She did better in the next film, earning an Oscar nomination for her role as a concentration camp survivor in Paul Mazursky's Enemies, A Love Story.

Olin has a curse on TV after "The Cursed Queen", playing KGB agent Irina Drevko in "Alias", a role created specifically for her. "When JJ [Abrams] contacted me and told me that he wanted to create this character for me, it was the main attraction, but American TV was also new to me," she told a Swedish reporter. She soon added another nomination to the series and won an Emmy nomination.

Since the completion of "Alias" in 2006 (recently Sky's original series "Riviera" and Amazon's Nazi hunter drama "Hunters"), she has traded in numerous shows, but she still plays weird movie roles. In 2019, Olin and Bruce Dern starred in "The Artist's Wife," as a woman who rediscovered her creativity after her painter husband was diagnosed with dementia. "She was reborn in this tragedy," Olin told LRM Online.

Matthew Newton (the son of Australian media celebrities Bert and Patty Newton, described by the Sydney Morning Herald as a "royal member of the show business") has been involved since he played the vampire Armand in the "Damn Queen" Numerous controversies. His legal problems began in 2006, when he was accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend. When the judge ruled that he was suffering from "mental illness" at the time, the sentence was overturned, and this decision aroused anger (via the "Daily Telegraph").

In 2010, when more allegations of violence against women emerged, he was fired by "The X Factor" and his management fired. "We don't know how to deal with it," Newton's mother said at the time. "His temper is always a bit problematic, even as a child." According to the "Daily Telegraph", the actor is experiencing "schizophrenia-like symptoms caused by dangerous use of hard drugs."

Newton moved to the United States to start again, but the start was not smooth-he made more unpopular headlines after playing a hotel clerk in Miami. He was fined $11,500 and provided community services. Newton hasn’t appeared in anything since he played an unnamed Russian arms dealer in the 2016 movie “I’m Not Fearing Death”. He almost directed Jesse in the 2020 thriller “Ava”. Card Chastain (wrote it), but he is gone. When news about his past came to light, he was frustrated. His mother denied the rumors that he was still estranged from his father when he died in 2021.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, please contact the crisis text hotline by texting HOME to 741741, call the National League of Mental Illness Helpline 1-800-950-NAMI (6264), or visit National Mental Illness Institute of Mental Health website.

If you are a big fan of science fiction, horror and/or fantasy genres, then you have probably heard of Claudia Black. The Sydney native played Aeryn Sun in the Australian-American sci-fi series "Vision" in the late 1990s and attracted the attention of American audiences, and in the following years became a big name in the "cult stage" because she was Said in the /Film interview. She played Sharon "Shazza" Montgomery in Vin Diesel's film "Pitch Black" and Karina in "Xena: Warrior Princess", and then played the serious and mysterious vampire Pandora in "Queen of the Damned".

After Pandora, Blake played Vala Muldolan in "Stargate SG-1" and joined as a guest star before graduating to become the main actor. Later, she played Dahlia again in "Primitives". In recent years, she has even dubbed several roles in "Rick and Morty", which has consolidated her status as a true genre icon. Dubbing is something that Black has always been good at, because gamers know it very well. Over the years, the Australian actor has produced dozens of video games, and she is behind some of the most popular characters in recent memory. She played Artemis in the original "God of War" game, and has repeatedly voiced Chloe Fraser in the "Uncharted" series, most recently in 2017. fi displays "final space".

"Damn Queen" is not the first cult movie starred by British actor Paul McGann. He made a major breakthrough in 1986 when he starred in the BBC World War I miniseries "Monocle Mutineers", and the following content. In the same year, he starred in "Withnail and I" with Richard E. Grant. This This enduring favorite inspired Steve Martin (according to the Los Angeles Times as "one of the best comedies of the 1980s") and everyone from Margaret Cho to Paul Luther. When McGinn played the role of Doctor Who in the TV movie of the same name in the mid-1990s, the movie was considered a cult classic.

Playing the role of a doctor is a life-changing experience for McGann, and he still likes to meet his fans at conferences. "You will see the really important people; it helped them accomplish some things," he told the Guardian. "Those conversations are really touching. You will think of stories, myths and the power of heroes, and how people invest in them." McGahn (who played the paranormal investigator David Talbot in "The Curse of the Queen") in This role was repeated in "Doctor's Night" in 2013. The Liverpool native is also known for his repeated appearances in the popular Idris Elba series "Luther". He has appeared as a human rights lawyer Mark North 11 times, most recently in 2019. McGann's latest role at the time of writing is the crime drama "Annika" (2021), a TV series adapted from the BBC radio drama "Annika Stranded".

Tom Cruise plays the timeless and handsome anti-hero Leicester De Leon Court in "Interview with the Vampire" and is played by Stuart Townsend in "The Curse of the Queen." As everyone knows, he should play Aragon in Peter Jackson’s "Lord of the Rings" trilogy until the director "obviously thinks better because he really wants someone 20 years older than me and completely different," Townsend Said, referring to his replacement, Vigo Mortensen. "I rehearsed and trained there for two months, and then was fired the day before filming started," he told Entertainment Weekly (via Independence). This is not the last item he was removed at the last minute.

Marvel sources told The Hollywood Reporter that Townsend had planned to play Fandral in Thor, but was replaced by Joshua Dallas due to "creative differences." This is another blow to Townsend’s career, he struggled after a series of failures: the unforgettable thriller "trapped" (17% on Rotten Tomatoes), the disaster of big budget "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" "(17% on Rotten Tomatoes), and the wartime drama "Head in the Cloud" (16% on Rotten Tomatoes).

After he was apparently fired by "Thor", he retreated to TV (he appeared again in ABC's "Betrayal" and WGN America's "Salem"), but will return to the big screen in 2021 with two movies . The Irish actor plays a gunman Apache Junction in the West" and the philosopher Ken Wilber in "Grace and Grit" tells the heartbreaking and exhilarating true story of Wilber and his wife Treya.

The death of Aaliyah in 2001 shocked the entire entertainment industry. The R&B singer has just broken into Hollywood and played Jet Li in "Mortal Romeo". When the tragedy happened, she was ready to become a superstar: her plane crashed shortly after taking off in the Bahamas and was unfortunately killed. She has been shooting music videos. She is only 22 years old, but she is already a multi-platinum sales artist, and there are movie studios lining up to work with her. She was supposed to play Zee (Harold Perrineau's Link's wife) in the two sequels of The Matrix, and has already started shooting scenes for the second movie.

In July 2001, she told teenagers: "I filmed'The Matrix [Reloaded]' at the end of June for a few weeks, and then I returned to Sydney, Australia, and finished filming in January for a month." Give love). According to MatrixFans.net, a crew member later confirmed that "most of her works will be shot in Australia." "This is a terrible tragedy," they added. "Those of us who have the opportunity to spend time with her will think about it for a while." 

It's been more than 20 years since we lost Aaliyah-we still miss her. Biographer Kathy Iandoli told CNN: "She was a mystery when she was here, and she was a mystery when she was away." "Now she is a bigger mystery, people Like mystery."