I wear a whole bottle of foundation on my face, people say I’m wasteful but I don’t care | The US Sun

2022-11-14 05:56:56 By : Mr. Jianjia Gao

WHEN you’re getting ready for a party or fancy evening out, how much make-up do you put on your face? 

We all prefer a different type of foundation, whether it be light or full coverage, lots of eyeshadow or just a little liner. We’ve even jumped on the contouring trend to bring out our best features.  Homeopathic Dropper Bottles

I wear a whole bottle of foundation on my face, people say I’m wasteful but I don’t care | The US Sun

What nearly everyone agrees on, though, is just how much foundation we put on our faces. 

While most of us pop a couple of drops into our hands or onto our chosen make-up brush to blend into our cheeks, one beauty lover chooses to put so much on she wastes whole bottles of the stuff. 

Kate Longoria has shared hundreds of videos on her TikTok page, showing off her impressive beauty skills with fun and fabulous looks. There’s also an array of alternative clips, including Kate applying 70 layers of lipstick and peeling off latex make-up. 

In recent videos, Kate - whose username is kat_longoria - has raised eyebrows with her foundation technique. People can’t believe how much she uses and have branded her ‘wasteful’. 

In one clip, she shows off a festive make-up look including DIY freckles, a classic red lip and intricate starry eyes. 

“Time for Christmas looks,” the text reads, as Kate produces a bottle of liquid foundation. 

Kate already has multiple beads of foundation ready to blend on her face, but she continues to repeatedly pump more product onto her face until she’s practically used the entire bottle. 

As the product begins to run off her cheeks, she quickly rubs it around using her palms and fingertips. 

The foundation sits in a heavy, gloopy layer on top of her face, covering her lips, eyelids and eyelashes too. 

Then, with the make-up still unblended, she reveals another foundation and begins adding more to her face with a little pipette. 

Before the liquid slides too far down her face, she uses a giant blending sponge to pat it and encourage it to absorb into her skin. 

Kate then showers what looks like talcum powder over her face to give a matte effect. 

She adds pretty star-patterned templates around her eyes and peels off to reveal the stunning style. 

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False lashes are added, along with fake freckles - achieved with a spray. 

Finally she opts for a red lip to finish the look. 

Concerned users have commented on her excessive use of foundation, claiming that they use just two or three pumps and not a whole bottle. 

“Wow, how come so much foundation?” questioned one viewer. 

Another replied: “It’s really cool, but why are you wasting so much foundation.”

One unimpressed woman suggested: “Scrape that foundation off with a knife, I don’t know how people do it.”

A third couldn’t contain her disgust, typing: “This makes me feel so sick.”

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I wear a whole bottle of foundation on my face, people say I’m wasteful but I don’t care | The US Sun