Ask Anthony: Listening to your concerns |

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Before the doors opened at Soul Food Bistro on Jacksonville's Westside, Bradley Long was waiting outside with paperwork in his hand.   Pvc Liner Material

Ask Anthony: Listening to your concerns |

Long says he bought a new, above ground pool from a local company in 2020, mainly for his grandkids to enjoy. He considered it an investment that would add value to his home.  

"My pool has leaks, and not only leaks, it has pin holes all in it," Bradley Long told First Coast News Anchor Anthony Austin.

Long says the pool is now leaking, causing him constant headaches and taking more money out of his wallet. 

"I would have never done it if I knew this was something I was going to be dealing with," Long said. 

Long says he just wants to company to replace the pool liner.  He believes it's defective. 

We made phone calls to the pool company and spoke with someone in corporate.  A representative told us they were aware of the issue, but didn't believe it was a defective pool liner.  

After speaking with them, they said they were willing to offer Long a new liner at a deep discount. We're continuing to follow this issue and get a resolution.

"Problem is they put in a new septic system and the septic system wasn't working right," Edward Thomas explained. 

Edward Thomas says his cousin, Almaz, is dealing with a huge mess near her discount food store on West 45th street.  Almaz says she can no longer keep her store open and she's losing money. 

They believe the city and faulty contractors are to blame. 

"What is happening is all the water is seeping inside the building.  She has merchandise that's been destroyed by water damage.  The bathroom doesn't work.  She can't stay there. It's unhealthy," Thomas said. 

We are working to contact the city and get them answers. 

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Ask Anthony: Listening to your concerns |

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